Vintage Unused Art Deco Bright Flowers Ceramic Tea Pot

$ 32.00

We're beginning to downsize, and with each item we again realize our blessings through these years.  Since our sons don't have families of their own to whom we can pass these treasures, we're making some available to our customers, clients and ebay family.  Our hope is you'll cherish them and gain as many memories from them as we have.


This Art Deco period tall tea pot is adorable, and is offered from our personal collection.  Creamy white ceramic tea pot sports a bright red line trim framing primary colored florals.  

Tea pot appears to have never been used, and is pristine inside and out.  Measuring 8-1/2 inches tall, 7-1/2 inches across from handle center to tip of spout, and is 3-3/4 inches deep.  

Marked with "Made in Japan" and what we've always referred to as the "Three Cherries" mark, identified as Marks #66C and #103 from Made in Japan Ceramics, First Edition, by Carole Bess White. 

** Did you know that many Made In Japan pieces were lost to us?  The U.S. imported untold tons of ceramic and earthenware pieces from Japan; colorful patterns that brightened the kitchens of Depression weary Americans.  Then, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.  Shopkeepers and housewives across the United States destroyed their Japan pieces in protest and horror over the events of December 7, 1941.  Others packed them away in storerooms and attics, not to be used again.  Few of those early Art Deco pieces survived, and the ones that did are precious, happy pieces that can instantly brighten a shelf, cabinet or table.  We adore these pieces, and are so excited to be bringing our own collection to you! **