Rustic French Les Etab 1821 Natural Canvas Tote Bag, Leather Drop Handles

$ 42.00 $ 68.64

The Perfect heavy duty tote for your laptop, books, grocery and travel use!  Our 1821 Canvas Tote Bag features drop handles and other elements in soft leather, along with a full cotton ticking lining and a convenient inside pocket.  13” L x 17” H x 4” D.  Each bag is handmade, and may feature slight variations in finished color and size.

Our bags are always measured in the same way:

  1. Length: measured at the base, at the widest points, regardless of any tapering elsewhere on the bag.
  2. Height: measured in the center, from the base to the lowest resting point at the top center of the bag.
  3. Depth: measured at the base, regardless of any taper elsewhere on the bag.