Large Green Tomatoes Print on Canvas

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One of the hardest garden chores I face each summer is resisting the temptation to pick and fry up those gorgeous green tomatoes!  It's become a ritual to wait it out until the first dozen or so ripen, then reward myself with choosing 3 perfect (not too green, just beginning to show some orange-y red tinges) ones and oh, mercy, what a supper we enjoy!  

This gorgeous, oversized print of just picked green tomatoes on an old tin tray makes me smile each time I see it. Original photograph was then painted and printed on canvas, stretched over a wood frame, then over-painted with paint detailing.   If you're wanting a real statement piece for your kitchen or dining area, this is it!  (We also have its Red Tomatoes sister print available!)

Measures 36 inches wide and 24 inches tall.