Glory & Grace Organic Artisan Blends Bourbon Vanilla Bean, French Lavender Sugars, Citrus Peppercorns, Rosemary Lemongrass Sea Salt

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Four spice jars filled with 2 ounces each of our exclusive Glory & Grace ALL NATURAL, NO PRESERVATIVES, CERTIFIED ORGANIC spice and sugar blends!

SPICES include: Rosemary Lemongrass French Sea Salt: Sea salt is straight from France, with no drying over-processing involved. Incredible, true sea salt, with our proprietary blends of Certified Organic fresh herbs. Equally suitable for meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables. Cracked Citrus Peppercorns: Blends of pure citrus zests and a rainbow of organic black, white, green and red peppercorns bring a perfect gourmet touch to any meat, seafood or poultry, vegetable or salad.

Way beyond basic -- these are blends you'll turn to again and again for cooking and table use!

SUGARS include: Provence Lavender Super Fine Pure Cane Sugar: A TRUE taste of Provence, France. The French use lavender in their daily cooking and baking. Certified Organic French lavender buds, carefully removed from stems and leaves. Provence Lavender Sugar blend features a subtle but heavenly scent and flavor of French lavender. Not at all overpowering. Madagascar Vanilla Bean Super Fine Pure Cane Sugar: Cream of the Crop, Grade A Gourmet Certified Organic beans are a far cry from the "extract grade" bean! We hand-split each sweet, pliable pod , gently removing every minuscule bean possible. Chock full of the tiniest of vanilla beans, our Vanilla Sugar blend bursts with the heavenly scent and flavor that only Madagascar Bourbon vanilla can produce. These are not 'confectioner's powdered sugar'! It's 100% pure cane sugar from the United States, blended to a wonderful Super Fine (baker's) texture. Made in small batches to preserve quality and consistency. Fabulous for dusting cookies, cakes, scones and muffins, and incredible when used in lemonade, coffee or tea. Equally suited for baking, beverage and table use!


  • Certified Organic Gourmet Ingredients
  • Artisan Small-batch Crafted
  • No Preservatives, Dyes, Artificial Flavors
  • Suited for Cooking, Grilling and Table Use
  • Glass Jars, Silicone Seals Insures Quality and Freshness. No plastics!