Glory & Grace Fuchsia Hobnail Pink Cast Iron Tetsubin Tea Kettle Teapot, Stainless Infuser

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Deep pink (fuchsia) cast iron tea kettle. The hobnails, lid knob and spout rim are highlighted in gold. Smooth, solid black interior.

Fashioned after antique Japanese tetsubin, this sweet kettle holds just shy of a quart (4 cups), and measures 9-5/8 inches across to spout, and stands 4-1/2 inches high with lid, and 9-3/8 inches tall to top of handle.

Solid cast iron construction helps hold the temperature of your tea. Stainless steel mesh infuser basket fits perfectly on the lid rim. The handle does fold down for ease of storage, but this one is so pretty, you won't be sticking it away in a cabinet.

Printed care instructions included. Cast iron should be hand washed and thoroughly dried to prevent rust. Store lid separately to allow kettle to stay dry.